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The Pokemon Crater battle area is a game you can play online. You play it by catching Pokemon and battling them against other real life players. The online game is entirely free and is very easy to sign up and you set up a profile that can be viewed by other players.

When you first start the game you will have to choose your first Pokemon. After you choose a Pokemon you can then move around the different areas to capture Pokemon. Once one is captured, it will then be apart of your lineup.

Pokemon Crater also gives you the opportunity to catch legendary Pokemon after you have beat all of the leaders. There is also a top list that you can get on but you will need to have very high level Pokemon to do that. You can also challenge friends who are also on the service if you know the username they use.

Don't be afraid to sign up and get started. This is a great place for any trainer start. It is never to late to sign up and become the next Pokemon Master! Do you have what it takes?



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